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...I spent a large chunk of the last week watching assorted episodes of Jonathan Creek, and of course over the weekend we had QI and its XL version. Then last night, I was looking for something to watch and decided, on the grounds that I'd like something fun, lighthearted, and possibly a tad romantic, to go for Bob and Rose.

The connection didn't really strike me until just now, but basically, yeah, I seem to be on a bit of an Alan Davies phase.


(I'll never forget the time I was in the audience for a studio recording for a HIGNFY he was in, and I was near the front and as the evening wore on - for those who don't know, it takes about two-and-a-half hours to record the material for a 30 minute episode - I was getting increasingly knackered and yawned and he pointed at me and said, "there's a bloke in the front row yawning!" ISTR that bit made it in the finished programme, but thankfully I didn't...)

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