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David Brider

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Rather predictably...

...post-holiday blues have set in. With complications. On the bright side, I've been pretty meticulous about taking my anti-depressants, so hopefully will not encounter the same appalling crash I had after our last Spanish holiday (when I basically, um, "forgot" - translation: was heavily sidetracked, not particularly organised, and even a bit careless). But yeah.

On the bright side - I have wonderful friends, a terrific supportive family, and a gorgeous wife who loves me and treats me fantastically well.

Also, we are vaguely speculating on a holiday at the club's Florida resort around February/March time, if only because we could possibly combine it with a trip here. Which could be all kinds of awesome. Given our mutual interests, a trip here would also be inevitable. With any luck, I could also persuade Sarah that we'd really like to go here as well... And swimming with dolphins could be fun. Better remember to pack my trunks.

Heading out to play the keyboard for the evening service in about half an hour. After which, really need to do a bit of tidying and cleaning.
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