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U2 question

This may sound a wee bit daft, but...I recently noticed that despite having a fairly eclectic music collection, I didn't (apart from anything on compilation albums) own anything by U2, so decided to put that right, thanks to the joys (which I know I've mentioned before) of being able to snaffle up whole albums for a pittance on Amazon Marketplace, sometimes as little as 1p + £1:26 p&p, which I call a bargain in anybody's language. So as well as buying Rattle & Hum (which I used to own on cassette but got rid of) I decided to get hold of The Joshua Tree.

It's all, as far as I can tell, fine but for one thing - the cover.

I'm fairly sure the only thing I've ever seen The Joshua Tree looking like is this:

That's what's on Wikipedia, that's what iTunes gave me as the cover art, that's what's on at least some (although I notice not all) copies of the album on Amazon...

But the copy I received looked like this:

Which...wasn't quite what I expected.

I mean, I'm assuming that what I've received is pukka and not some "bought it off a market stall in Hong Kong" ripoff, but I'm just curious as to why there seem to be two covers for the album. Is one the "proper" one? Which came first? Why the difference? Wikipedia, my usual "go-to" place for information, leaves me none the wiser.

Just curious...

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