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David Brider

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Okay, it's a start.

I really fancy a proper Yorkshire fish cake.

I've just found a recipe online - here, to be precise. Problem is, it involves deep fat frying, and I no longer have a deep fat fryer, I don't really want to be getting it just for this, and anyway, I think for health reasons we're better off not having one at all.

So...what I need, oh great LJ/FB/Twitter hive mind, is:

a.) a recipe which doesn't involve deep fat frying.

b.) A chippie this far south o't'Watford Gap that serves proper Yorkshire fish cakes.

or c.) any excuse/reason to head up to Sheffield. Which, going by my current commitments, won't be until the weekend of November 10th/11th at the earliest, and more likely 24th/25th. blazingskies, greyfore, anyone else up there, I know it's a long way to come just for a fish cake, but - yeah, Corp, anything else happening..?
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