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Troll lol lol...

Is it me, or has the word "troll" started to mean rather different things to what it used to mean? I mean, I've been online now for something like...16 years, and I'm sure that back in "the day", to be an internet troll meant to fill message boards, newsgroups, etc., with utter rubbish that had nothing to do with what the message board/newsgroup was actually about, coupled with a tendency not to engage in any actual conversation with the other folks on the message board/newsgroup.

Nowadays, it seems to be taking on two separate meanings (which as far as I can tell are unconnected to a.) each other and b.) the original meaning); on some boards, it seems to be a shorthand for, "I disagree with you," and in some discussions it seems to be synonymous with cyberbullying.

Has anyone else noticed this?

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