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Bond yay!

This arrived in the post today:

I think that means I've got pretty much a full set of Bond novels; at any rate,

  • All the Fleming novels, plus the two short story collections (although I don't think I've got any collection that contains the 007 in New York story)
  • Colonel Sun
  • The John Pearson Bond biography.
  • The Christopher Wood film novelisations.
  • (Now) a full set of the Gardner novels (& novelisations)
  • The Raymond Benson novels and novelisations (not his short stories, though).
  • Devil May Care and Carte Blanche
  • The Charlie Higson Young Bond novels, and the book containing his short stories.

So, I don't have some of the short stories; I also don't have The Moneypenny Diaries (I feel I ought to from a completist point of view, but I don't know if I'm missing anything vital), or "The Adventures of James Bond Junior 003½", and then after that we're into totally unofficial stuff. I guess I could try to track down a copy of The Killing Zone... *g*

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