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...spent most of yesterday round at Tim's (aka my old house), having been advised that a.) Tim is moving out soon, and b.) there were still some of my things there that needed to...well, dealt with.

As has been discussed before hereabouts, I'm a bit of a hoarder, albeit an accidental one. There were...several boxes of magazines. I lost count, possibly about 20 boxes, some fairly large? The original plan was to just load them into the car and then bring them back to Hemel Hempstead to sort them out here, but we figured it would make more sense to whittle the boxloads down to something more manageable in Chelmsford before bringing them up to Hemel.

So we've got a somewhat more manageable few boxes to sort through. Some magazines, I'll just be keeping intact (at least, that's the plan for the time being), but others I'm just wanting for brief articles and then getting rid of the magazines. Which if nothing else should come as something of a relief to Sarah.

Normally I'd cut the articles out before chucking the magazines, but I decided, just for the heck of it, that instead I'd scan them. From which, it's then pretty easy to upload them, so I figured I'd share them with anyone who's interested. So here, have the first one - an article about Red Dwarf III from the Radio Times, November 1989.

Article. It's 5.5 MB, in order to keep it readable. Obviously not really suitable for anyone on a dial-up connection. Is anyone still on a dial-up connection nowadays? Anyway. Have fun. There will be more to follow, obviously.

In other news, since my trousers have developed an annoying habit of slipping down (they're either too big for me, or, more realistically, too small for me and not really possible to get up to my proper actual waistline), I'm now wearing braces. I'm torn between who I should regard as role models in this - either Bobby Ball or Captain Jack Harkness. I'd prefer the latter, but realistically it's only a matter of time before I do the whole "rock on, Tommy" thing. Brace yourselves. (Pun intended...)

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