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Just say it's a six-part series about concrete.

Article deux. A piece about the first series of A Bit of Fry & Laurie.. Sorry, "A Bit of Fry & Laurie". The " and the " are rather important. But are better represented by the correct finger gestures, as any fule kno, Molesworth.


In the course of my research, I have learned that a.) the 36-minute pilot "was later edited down to 29 minutes for repeat transmissions" (I'm not sure whether I had a repeat or the original, but it's complete on the DVD, so that's okay), and b.) "There is a copyright-related music edit on the Series 1 DVD during the final sketch of episode 6 ("Tony of Plymouth (Sword Fight)"). In the broadcast version, the music was from the soundtrack of "The Sea Hawk" but instead a new piece of music has been used, drowning out most of the dialogue in the process." This is rather annoying, and makes me hope that I've kept hold of my original offair recording.
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