David Brider (davidbrider) wrote,
David Brider

Oh, now *that's* irritating...

So, a couple of mornings I've been fiddling around on the Sky+ and noticed this series playing in the background, and thought, ooh, looks interesting, might be worth checking out properly. The Wikipedia article states, "As of August 2012 the entire 5 episode series is available to watch on Netflix's instant streaming service."

Well...either a.) not in the UK, or b.) not any more.

Oh well...despite what Wiki says, the DVD's not desperately expensive, and who knows, if it's repeated often enough I might be able to snag the whole thing from Sky+. But there's a principle at stake here (principal? I can never get that one right, which is which?), gorramit. I don't like it when Wiki lies to me!
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