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Do you like good music?

I think most kids when they're growing up listen to whatever the pop music of the day is. I certainly went through a phase of that (I remember utterly adoring Showaddywaddy's Under the moon of love when I was 6, and dancing to it at some sort of school disco).

In 1980, though, I sort of turned my back on pop music. I had a new heroine, she didn't like pop music, so I sort of modelled myself on her (apart from the whole her being a girl and also a fictional character, thing).

Instead my musical tastes for the first half of the '80s tended towards a.) light classical music, and b.) film and TV soundtracks.

This, for example, was the sort of LP I bought and listened to repeatedly. This was very much my cup of tea. Just now at work I found myself humming the supremely bop-along-to-able Kassia's Wedding Music (from The Keeper of Traken), so I decided to pop it onto the old iPod, and...

Yeah, it's good. But if that was the soundtrack of my youth, maybe it's no wonder I turned out the way I did.

In a good way, of course. :-)

(I remember on one occasions two of my schoolfriends discussing Genesis, and I naively assumed they meant ...of the Daleks. I'd've been about 11. Not sure if that makes it better or worse..?)

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