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We have the technology...

25 years ago (was it really 25 years? My, how time flies), I'd have said that Star Cops seemed to me mostly plausible as a vision of what things would be like in 2027 were it not for one thing - Box. The notion of a device being able of understanding human speech seemed okay, although not really up to what my old BBC B was capable; being able to partake in realistic-sounding conversations, however, seemed rather far-fetched.

And then last night I got my first experience of Siri, and...okay, some of the voice/speech recognition is a bit duff, but all things considered, I reckon we could be on course for Box to be a realistic idea.

Of course, all we now need is some manned bases on the moon and in orbit that need an International Space Police Force.

As for Nathan having that TV set wheeled over to him in the restaurant so he can follow a news story (a 4:3 CRT one as well, not a widescreen plasma job) instead of watching it via iPlayer on a smartphone, well, maybe he's just old skool..?

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