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Capturing December - day 2

Here we go. Day 2 - "favorite Holiday movie."

Well, first thing I'm going to do is correct the blasted spelling, because I'm British so it's favourite. And the second thing I'm going to do is resist the temptation to say Carry on Camping because, obviously, they say "holiday" but they mean "Christmas."

So - favourite Christmas movie.

A couple of honourable mentions first - the two that don't quite make the list: It's a Wonderful Life, and Miracle on 34th Street, both of which I love, but I'm not really familiar enough with them (I don't even own copies of them, at least not on DVD...I think somewhere I've got offair recordings of them, on VHS) to call them my utter favourites.

But the one I am going to say is my favourite - and it's also representative of my favourite genre, that being romcoms written by Richard Curtis and featuring Hugh Grant - is this:

Love it. It's not just a Christmas movie, but it's set in the run-up to Christmas and there's a lot about it that's very very Christmas-sy. I especially love that bit where the Prime Minister realises what a fool he's been about Natalie, jumps into the car and tells the driver, "Wandsworth. The dodgy end."

Heck, I feel a rewatch coming on...

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