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Of Ponies and Middle Earth

Just saw a trailer for The Hobbit on the tellybox. That was pleasant. It had a bit of dialogue between Bilbo and one of the dwarves - Bilbo saying "I have never used a sword in my life," and the dwarf saying, "I'm not sure it counts as a sword - more of a letter opener." I was trying to find it online, but there are so many TV spots for The Hobbit out there (most of them featuring an American trailer voice saying, "rated PG-13" at the end...), and although I played through a fair few of them I couldn't find that particular clip. Rabbits. I wanted to show it to Sarah to test my theory that it's not part of Tolkein's original text. Anyone who can point me to that particular trailer, please do!

However, whilst I couldn't find the trailer, I did find this rather wondrous clip - Lord of the Rings, re-enacted by ponies:

...because ponies make everything better... :-)
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