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Wyrd request...

I've just been taking stock of my extensive VHS collection, and digitising a bit of it for back-up to DVD-R, and have discovered a bit of an anomaly which I wonder if some kind soul out there might be able to help me with.

Back in "the day" ("the day," in this case, being May - June 1997) I recorded the Cosgrove Hall animation of Terry Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters. I've now got it out of the box in the attic it was stored in, only to discover that three episodes (numbers 2, 3 & 4) are missing (what can I say, it was a busy, hectic time of my life; I obviously forgot to set the timer, or something). I'd like to try to get hold of those three missing episodes.

Now, technically, I already have them, as Sarah has the whole series on DVD. Trouble is, the DVD is one of those things that fell out of favour in Doctor Who fandom back in the early '90s - a compilation of all six episodes strung together as one movie. Me no likey. (Yes, I know I shouldn't be so darned pedantic/borderline OCD, but there y'go. I'd like it in its original format, not some compilation thingy.) And sadly, my, erm, usual sources for such things are letting me down - they all present it as either a one-part movie or as two episodes. (Indeed, the only source that acknowledges it was ever broadcast as six episodes is the ever-useful BFI Film & TV Database).

So I was just wondering, seeing as I have a fair few geeky friends who are likely to have recorded it and not missed those crucial episodes - can anyone help me fill in the blanks? If you've got them on a VHS that I can borrow, awesome. If you've already backed them up to some form of digital format, even awesomer.

Hopeful thanks in advance,


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