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Gratuitous picspam

Sarah & I have just got back from the morning church service, which as is fairly normal, we followed up with a wander round Hemel (Sarah popped into Games Workshop, amongst other things) and a bite at KFC.

There was a man in town with owls. Lots of them. Rescue animals, apparently. Beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful creatures. Yes, they could probably have my eye out if I wasn't careful, and according to Sarah they're thick as two short planks despite the things about them being wise (I'm so glad she didn't say that whilst one of them was in earshot...), but nevertheless, beautiful.

Here is one of them. Her name's Daisy. Say, "hello, Daisy."

And here she is perched on my arm:

And while we're on the subject of pictures of me with wise old creatures:

Me with the cardboard cutout of Gandalf inside the cardboard cutout of the Hobbit hole at the IMAX on Monday. I mean, I have met the real, actual Ian McKellen, but hey, he wasn't dressed as Gandalf at the time...

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