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I think that, between:

  • The book I recently bought1 2
  • The audiobook I was recently given as a Christmas present1 2 3
  • The DVD I'm going to be getting soon1 4
  • The forthcoming Dirk Maggs' radio adaptation

...the next few weeks are probably going to revolve to some extent around London Below.

(I regard this as a Good Thing.)

(Caveat: I'm not entirely sure when the Dirk Maggs adap begins; I thought January, but Wiki says "spring". I might've been thinking of the new series of Cabin Pressure.)

1Author's preferred text, naturally

2As per usual, dirt cheap from Amazon Marketplace Used & New

3Read by the author, no less.

4Coincidentally my offair recording was in the box of VHS tapes I recently retrieved from the attic for digitising. Although I'll save myself the bother of actually digitising it. For obvious reasons.
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