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So good they named it twice.

So, because it's come up in about three different contexts recently, I mentioned to Sarah the other day that I quite fancy visiting New York some time (Sarah has been there before, as her company has offices over there), and she said "yes," and we've tentatively planned that it might be our honeyversary this year (for those not in the know, our honeyversary is a week-long holiday we take around our wedding anniversary - actually normally the start of October, because although that's a couple of weeks after the actual anniversary that's when my annual leave year starts, making it That Bit Easier).

And then today I read about this. No specific dates have been mentioned, but "autumn" means it will probably coincide with our visit, even if I've no idea which one will be running at the time we're there. It would be silly not to go see, wouldn't it?!

Also, David Tennant will be appearing in Stratford as Richard II later in the year...some time back, long before she knew me, Sarah did a Thing where the RSC was presenting all of Shakespeare's history plays over the space of a week, and only a few days ago I was discussing that with her and saying I'd quite like to see them, albeit not necessarily over such a compressed space of time...so apart from the "David Tennant on stage" aspect, this could be a bit ideal - the article does indeed state that "Richard II marks the start of a run of Shakespeare's history plays, each of which will be directed by [Gregory] Doran."

(I'd also quite like to see Richard III at some point, but I have a sort of nagging doubt that it won't be as good as The Kingmaker...I know, I'm a philistine of the highest order, sue me...)

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