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An Adventure in Time and Space...

So, there's been some cast announcements for the forthcoming dramatisation of the early days of Doctor Who. David Bradley (among other things, Filch from the Harry Potter movies) will be playing William Hartnell, which I can definitely see working. Brian Cox (the actor, not the professor) will be Sydney Newman, which is interesting, and he looks the part of what Newman was like in the '80s, and he's a great actor, but he's about 20 years older than Newman was at the time. Oh well, top notch actor, so nothing to actually complain about - just an observation. And Jessica Raine as Verity Lambert. I've never heard of her myself (Raine, not Lambert..!), but apparently she's in Call the Midwife*, and definitely looks the part.

So, the anniversary year is hotting up. Can't wait until 30th March...

* Which, incidentally, I've been vaguely wondering about watching at some point, but I have loads of other stuff to get through. I might pick up the DVD in a few years, by which time it'll be either dirt cheap or rare as hens' teeth...

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