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Of men and rugby balls.

Sarah and I have a fridge magnet. It says, "there are two teams I support: Wales, and whoever is playing against England." As far as I'm concerned, it is slightly flippant (my overall interest in sports being about zero). As far as Sarah is concerned, it sums up her attitude to rugby. She was, therefore, rather disappointed by the scorelines in yesterday's Six Nations matches. Indeed, she gave up in a mixture of disappointment and disgust halfway through the first match, at which point Wales were losing 20 - 0. The final scoreline, though an improvement, still wasn't exactly wonderful.

We are both, though, highly amused (well, Sarah is rather incredulous - she's just done a very convincing David Tennant impersonation - "what? What?! WHAT??!") to hear that Italy have beaten France 23 - 18. Seriously - how on earth did that happen?

(If Italy go on to win the championship, I won't begrudge them it one little bit...)

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