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Hearing is believing.

So, I was fiddling around in Garageband on teh iPad, and was interested by the "Smart" instruments feature, which - for those who don't know Garageband - enables one to play various, say, guitar chords just by tapping on the name of the chord you want to play; Garageband generates realistic-sounding playing, from simple strumming to more elaborate stuff. It can also generate bass lines along the same procedure, and by a slightly more complicated method, drum patterns, saving one the hassle of actually programming in the basslines and drum patterns (which is all I'd do anyway). As I'm, by any reasonable standards, a lousy guitarist, I decided to give this a shot, specifically dusting off an old idea I'd had of doing a sort of laid back version of I'm a believer

Added a bit of a reverb-y effect to my vocal as it's a bit weak (I can carry a tune, but I'm not the greatest singer in the world). Quite happy with the result, if I'm honest.

Here it is.

Let me know if you like. :-) Hoping I might get back to putting a few of my self-penned compositions up. I think somewhere I've got the old Garageband files from when my old Mac was still alive...

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