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Miscellaneous links

Mainly for my own reference, but public post seeing as other people might find them of interest.

Someone was wearing an Unseen University hoodie at the Mitch Benn gig on Saturday. I really think Sarah and I ought to have one each. I suggested she wear one for her graduation...

This Lego Hogwarts really is rather amazing, and makes me incredibly jealous of anyone who has the ability (and the Lego bricks) to put together something like this...

There's going to be 3-D-ification of The Wizard of Oz later this year. With the admitted caveat that I've not been greatly impressed with the 3D post-conversions I've seen so far, I suspect I'll go and see it anyway just 'cos I've never seen it on the big screen...

So, according to TV Tropes there was a 1967 12-minute version of The Hobbit made by Gene Deitch. It's, how can I put it, not exactly accurate to the book (Slag the dragon? Bilbo marrying a princess? Erm...), but hey, you can see it on Youtube. Should tide us over until the first part of Peter Jackson's adap comes out on DVD...

On which note, this may break your brain - Smeagol singing Mad World:

Doctor Who is back on Saturday 30th March. I may become increasingly obsessed in the coming 26 days... Just sayin'.

And here - have a picture of a cute little owl in what looks incredibly like a Jayne Cobb hat. "Take my nest, take my tree, you can't take the sky from me..."


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