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Paperblog writer

So, after three days off because of the b*****d depression (actually, the HR department counts it as five, despite the fact that I don't work weekends...go figure...), I'm back at work, and my brain seems to be coping reasonably well. Which is good.

Do you ever have that thing where you wake up with a particular song on your mind, and you decide, not unreasonably, that it'd be nice to listen to it? I had that today. With the Beatles' Paperback Writer. So, I dug out 1 (the compilation of every Beatles number one single - all classic, no filler, currently going for 54p on Amazon Marketplace - treat yourself), and took it with me to listen to in the car on the journey into work.

And by the time I finally pulled up outside the offices, we'd reached track number 13, We can work it out.

Yeah. Give you three guesses what track number 14 is...


Oh well - that's the listening for the journey home sorted out, then... ^_^

On a related note, I cobbled this together the other day:

You might very well think that listening to <counts them> nine remixes of the same song one after the other could get a bit tedious and repetitive. I couldn't possibly comment. I'll let you know when I've tried it...

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