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Blake's Who and the Gratuitous Attack of the Daleks.

Interesting bit on TV Tropes discussing a potential crossover between two of my favourite TV programmes:

It could have happened earlier and with a much higher profile, as Tom Baker and some of the actors from Blake's 7 wanted to do a crossover story, and Terry Nation originally wanted the alien invasion at the end of S2 to be the Daleks from Doctor Who. Which would have been awesome.

Now, it's not that I'm unaware of this (and can I just say, now that Big Finish are a.) working with Tom Baker and b.) producing Blake's 7 audios, now would be the ideal time to get the former sorted out). It's that last sentence. Bear in mind that S2 of Blake's 7 went out mere months before S17 of Doctor Who went into production. That being the season that contained the much-derided (not entirely unfairly) Destiny of the Daleks, in which the Dalek props were in an appalling state. I can just see them wobbling around the standard Blake's 7 quarry, or the luscious Liberator sets, being as menacing as a chocolate toasting fork. I mean, it's tempting to say "if they'd've got a good director in," (and yeah, the possibility of Douglas Camfield doing a B7/DW crossover would have been wonderful), but realistically it's not as if Ken Grieve was a poor director - he was very stylish in a lot of his camera set-ups. It's just the Daleks themselves that were lousy.

I guess the time has passed, but if Steven Moffat wanted to enter discussions with whoever's behind the mooted Syfy channel B7 relaunch, I wouldn't mind - the 2005-era Daleks rock. And not in the "back and forth and side to side going over cobbles" sense of the word, either...

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