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  • Sat, 18:22: My stepdad: "I thought Easter bonnets were for girls and ladies." Me: Wonders if I should show him #firefly
  • Sat, 18:35: My nephew is struggling with pasta. I'm thinking I've not seen The Lady & The Tramp in ages. These facts may be connected...
  • Sat, 21:01: Enjoying @marcusbrig's show at Chelmsford Civic Theatre (but was shushed by bloke in front of me for laughing too loud. Hmmph).
  • Sat, 21:02: Wondering hopefully if @marcusbrig will stop and sign autographs after show...have copy of God Collar in my bag for that very purpose...
  • Sun, 00:29: @DWMtweets please can there be a "David Bradley *is* the Doctor" cover? It would be rather wonderful #dwmgalaxy
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