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That was the weekend that was.

Took Friday off work. Officially annual leave, unofficially because the depression was still playing up rather more than I would like, and certainly more than enough to make me comfortable actually facing people.

I can't really remember actually doing anything on Friday, though, although I know I vaguely wanted to do some tidying and cleaning round the house. I think that's something I really need to do with some degree of urgency. The place is a tip, but I'm sure if I could knuckle down and do, say, a quarter of an hour each evening when I get home from work (more if I've got enough get up and go), it would start to make a positive difference. I think that will be my goal for this week.

I did finish reading the first of Nev Fountain's Mervyn Stone Mysteries, Geek Tragedy. I won the whole set (of three) in paperback at writerconuk last year, although I already owned the first in hardback. For those who aren't familiar with them, they're about Mervyn Stone, the ex-script editor of Vixens from the Void, a sort of Dynasty meets Blake's 7 BBC space opera from the '80s/'90s, who now finds himself solving crimes while attending conventions (in the first book) or recording DVD commentaries (in the second). I think it would be fair to say I'm slightly biased, as I've always been fond of Nev Fountain's contributions to the Doctor Who audio range (his The Kingmaker is my favourite of the bunch), but nevertheless, I hugely enjoyed the first one, and am getting a kick out of the second one too. They're published by Big Finish Productions, and are still available from their website, but no doubt you can also get them from Amazon, etc. I highly recommend them. End of plug.

Apropos of nothing, I suggested to Sarah that we could maybe go for a bite to eat at the local Toby Carvery, which we did, and it was enjoyable apart from the fact that in the last ten minutes or so the place was descended upon by a gaggle of a dozen or so screaming children, so we didn't bother hanging around for dessert. I wasn't too bothered, but Sarah values her ear drums.

Saturday started with a trip into town in order to get the two DVDs which mum had asked for as Mothering Sunday. However, our HMV is one of those scheduled for demolition closure, and so I had no joy there. No joy either in WH Smith's, CEX or Cash Converters. Weird the way the high street's gone lately. Not in a good way, either. :-(

I'd made plans to pop into Chelmsford on Saturday evening earlier in the week. A pleasant side effect of that was that I was able to join mum, Malcolm (my stepdad, for those who don't regularly follow this blog), my sister Antonia, her hubby Richard, and their children Jakob and Eleni, for a pleasant family meal at the local Loch Fyne. That was enjoyable.

After that, I went to see Marcus Brigstocke at the Chelmsford Civic Theatre. I'd heard he was playing at High Wycombe the week before, but didn't make it to that because the depression had been playing up. But when I saw he was playing Chelmsford, I decided to ask my mum if she could pop into the theatre and pick me up a ticket (easier than faffing around ordering one...). Because it was fairly late, the seat was near the back, but it's not a massive theatre so that wasn't a problem. It was quite an entertaining show (apart from the bloke in front of me shushing me for laughing too loud. Tch), based on the government's concept of "The Big Society". I won't spoil it for anyone, but I will say, if he's playing anywhere near you, it's worth checking out. But then I'm biased - I always enjoy Marcus's contributions to The Now Show (and for all that I enjoy the show anyway, it's always that bit better when he's on). Afterwards, I asked him to sign my copy of his book God Collar (which I've still not read yet, but will do soon, hopefully), and mentioned to him my favourite bit of his, a Doctor Seuss-esque poem about the Copenhagen climate conference. Look it up if it's online. If it isn't, maybe I'll put it online.

The drive home was pleasantly straightforward, despite worrying signs I'd seen suggesting that bits of the M25 would be closed overnight, but nevertheless, I got a fairly late night. I was surprised to see that Sarah had been waiting up for me. (She'd also been watching Avengers Assemble.)

On Sunday morning I had to be up fairly early to practice the hymns for the morning service (as I was playing). I always worry when I'm in a situation like that, but in the event it went fairly well. Sarah was projecting, and the service as a whole was interesting. The lectionary reading this morning was the Prodigal Son, which has always been one of my favourite bits of the Bible. Afterwards our minister, who had been at another church, popped in so we were able to properly catch up with her. She's invited us to join her for food and general socialising in a couple of weeks time, which should be pleasant.

Afterwards I had a bit of a nap, and then in the evening we went round to see Sarah's sister (Claire) and brother-in-law (Nick), as well as their two children Rachael and Michael, and Sarah's mum Rita, for another family gathering. That, like the one on Saturday, was very pleasant. (I think I'm very lucky that Sarah and I both get on well with each other's families; I know there are couples where that isn't the case, and I think that would be a terrible position to be in.) Claire and Nick (I'm not sure in what proportion) cooked a very nice meal, there was much pleasant and friendly chatter, and one of Claire and Nick's sphinx cats, Gary, fell asleep on my lap. (As their other cats won't normally come near me voluntarily*, Gary is now my New Favourite Cat).

Then, back home and, after a bit of faffing around on the computer, to bed.

The best bit about the weekend is that, at some point, my anti-depressants seem to have kicked back in. I still don't feel perfect, but I feel a jolly sight better than I did a week back, even a couple of days back. In future, I must make sure I know where my supplies of anti-depressants are, and try to arrange a repeat prescription before I run out... (Or before I lose the ones I had...)

So, yeah. A good weekend. :-)

*I don't know if this is specific to their cats, or just a general cat thing, but they will often leap with gay abandon into the lap of someone who Doesn't Like Cats, but they won't go anywhere near me, who loves cats. What is the deal with this mad behaviour?!

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