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Build high for happiness.

So, Sarah and I have just got back from TGI's, which was quite pleasant. I wish they wouldn't smother so much of their food in Jack Daniels glaze (I presume it's possible to ask them not to...never quite had the nerve to ask), but I avoided that anyway by having the Cajun chicken ciabatta. Yummy. :-)

Having not been there for a while, we'd managed to forget that it's the sort of place that plays lots of loud music at you. Sarah wished she'd taken her earplugs. I did suggest that we forget it and head to the Harvester about a minute down the road, but 'twas not to be.

Anyway. One of the songs they played was We Built This City by Starship. Now...say what you like about the song - I rather like it, both as a song and for the nostalgic memories it brings back; other people's mileage clearly differs, and I suspect your opinion may be influenced by whether you remember one of Starship's earlier incarnations (I don't), but...

Many, possibly most, pop songs have some sort of instrumental break, a guitar solo or somesuch. We Built This City has a DJ voiceover solo. That, IMHO, is stylishly different. :-)

ETA: Clicky link to the video.

ETA 2: although that video doesn't include the DJ voiceover solo. Cheek!

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