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Flaily squee!

I've just become a bit excited! I'd vaguely heard that there was a new episode of Jonathan Creek in the works. What I hadn't realised was that it's actually going out at Easter, so between that and the start of the new series of Doctor Who, and going to EasterCon, that's going to be a seriously exciting time of year, so yay!

But the other thing I hadn't realised, and has got me even more excited than the Easter special, is that there's actually going to be a new series of Jonathan Creek!!! As the article says - by the time it goes out, it's going to have been a decade since the last series, which vaguely blows my mind. And, okay, this new series is only three episodes, but hey, it's a start. With any luck, this'll be the first of a good few more. Anyway, again, yay!

And there's less than a couple of weeks to go until Easter. Where has this year gone?
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