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TARDIS or Warehouse..?

No, okay, I'm not giving up my one true TV love (and have been pleased to have Doctor Who back on our screens and enjoyed the first couple of episodes of season 7b, or whatever we're meant to call it...and as for the location reports of the 50th anniversary story...*melts*)

But, having been given season 1 for Christmas, I've been watching Warehouse 13 and utterly adoring it. After finishing season 1, I found seasons 2 & 3 on Netflix, enjoyed a one episode detour into Eureka, and am now working my way through season 4. Should be up to speed in time for season 4b.

There's so much to love about it. Drama, humour, lots of geeky references, lots of excitement, mostly entertaining plots with a few good twists (although a couple of "artifact of the week" episodes), all the main characters are likeable, the dynamics between them are well drawn. Also, it's an incredibly cheerful show, with nothing too angsty going on there, making it a pleasant escape route from RL depression. On that note, the design of the show has a very bright colour palette. Grim and gritty has its place, but that place is nowhere near Univille.

(And whilst I'm not remotely shallow, I will admit to a teensy wee bit of a lot of a crush on Allison Scagliotti...)

Currently shipping, in various amounts: Claudia/Artie (mostly platonic); Claudia/Jinks (I know he's gay, but in my head canon they're so much more than just BFFs...); Claudia/Todd (I miss him...); Pete/Myka (wasn't at first, but they've sort of become "obviously in love" without going through any tedious "will they, won't they?" guff); and Myka/HG (I hope she'll be back at some point).

So, yeah. This is what's making me happy at the moment. :-) I must go make some W13 icons...

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