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David Brider [userpic]

Not so manic now...

April 15th, 2013 (03:41 pm)

So, yeah, Dubstar gig in London tonight, at The Lexington in Islington. Which is near where I used to work, so am expecting a bit of a nostalgic vibe from that. Also, just from the fact it's Dubstar. It's been nearly a couple of decades since they were a major part of my music life (so much so that, until I was sorting through some old things prior to leaving Chelmsford, I'd forgotten that I'd been to one of their gigs before, at Heaven). I often revisit their debut album, Disgraceful, but until fairly recently I'd never even owned any of their others. Have been listening to their second album, Goodbye (which surely only really works as an album title if it's your last, not - as was the case with this one - the second of three; four if you include the greatest hits album...). I've owned it about a year, and I'm convinced this is about the second time I've listened to it. Not often enough for any of the actual songs to sink in, but am pleased that the general sound is recognisable from Disgraceful, a pleasant blend of synthpop and jangly guitars.

So. Looking forward to an enjoyable night. Also hoping vaguely for autograph opportunities, although Sarah has pointed out that I need to not be too late home given the whole needing to be in work tomorrow for this interview thing. Mmm. Gig starts (or at least doors open) at 7:30pm, and there's no mention of any support act. It'll probably be over by about 10:00pm..?