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Today's "Well..." post...

The interview has happened. I think it went okay. It's a long time since I was last interviewed for a job (10 years, indeed). Some of the questions were a bit...interesting - "can you think of an example where you've gone above and beyond the call of duty to help a colleague or patient?" for example. Erm...no. I tend to do the job, and then go home and forget it. So I ended up having to be a bit non-specific there. Apart from that it was okay, the interviewers were friendly, I hope I asked some intelligent questions, and they reckon I should hear by the end of today either way.

I still genuinely don't know whether I want to continue being employed here, or to just get made redundant. Point in favour of the former: continued job security, and, even though, it's down a couple of of pay grades from where I'm at right now, we're guaranteed pay protection for at least the first three years. Points in favour of the latter: 10 months tax free redundancy pay, not having to commute nearly two hours each day (more if the traffic's bad), and the possibility of starting my own business. Genuinely divided. I think I'll just take life as it comes...

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