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TV musings

  • Can't believe I missed the first episode of Endeavour on Sunday. I know the Radio Times Extra mag (that comes free with subscribers' copies) had it on the front cover a while back, but either I wasn't paying attention or it didn't get much publicity in the mag itself. Oh well - ITV Player for the win. Mind you, if the pilot's anything to go by, it's third on my list of favourites in the Morse trilogy (with Lewis in first place).

  • Why had I got it into my head that Broadchurch is ten parts? It's eight. Final episode next Monday. Looking forward to that, although I'm still in the middle of watching Monday night's episode at the moment.

  • My current Broadchurch theory: Alec Hardy did it. All things being equal, it makes as much sense as any of the other theories going round...I'm so tempted to go to SkyBet and bung £20 on it, I could make a mint...

  • Speaking of which, I'm sure some people were saying that the final episode of Broadchurch was going to clash with the first episode of The Politician's Husband, but no, that's on next Thursday. I never saw The Politician's Wife, but other considerations aside it's got a great looking cast list (Tennant, Roger Allam, Emily Watson - who was so superb in the Fred West biopic Appropriate Adult)...looks like it should be worth a watch.

  • So far, I've seen two contradictory opinions about Defiance, but it looks a bit up my alley so I might try to give it a shot and see what I make of it. Mind you, there's so many things I'm trying to catch up or keep up with, there isn't enough time for all of them...

  • Speaking of which, having caught up with Warehouse 13, I decided to check out Awake, the recent Jason Isaacs-starring pseudo-Sliding Doors police procedural which only made it to one short season. Looking good so far, although I've only made it to the second episode and pretty much spoiled myself for all major plot developments on Wiki and TV Tropes. (Mind you, that didn't spoil my enjoyment of Warehouse 13, so...)

  • To end on a suitably weird note, the other day I was reminded of something...how when I watched the first few episodes of Elementary, although I was enjoying it I kept having this weird thought of, "but where are the spaceships?" I really don't know what that was about - I mean, yes, science fiction is my preferred genre, but I'm capable of watching non-sci-fi programmes without thinking they'd be improved by spaceships. So yeah. Weird. Anybody else have moments like that?

Signing off. And going back to bed.

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