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David Brider [userpic]

Achievement unlocked

April 20th, 2013 (03:26 pm)

For the first time since I came to own it several Christmasses ago (probably about 10, but I've lost count), I now have the entirety of the 1981 radio adap of The Lord of the Ring on my iTunes. Also, Neverwhere, both the recent Dirk Maggs adap and the author's preferred text reading (as whole chapters, unlike the actual CD). That's a few long journeys sorted out, then... :-)

On a related note, although the probability is that, when replacing my lost wedding ring, we'll go for the same as I had before (i.e. Russian wedding ring), this is a.) seriously tempting, and b.) about half the price... However, it doesn't match Sarah's. Also, realistically, only one person in this house can wear the One Ring, and I suspect that Sarah will be miffed if it's not her. I suspect I shall be forced to wear one of the nine. My transformation into a Nazgul is imminent...


Posted by: sp_owl (sp_owl)
Posted at: April 20th, 2013 02:35 pm (UTC)

Don't blame you for being tempted.

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