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Bitsa post (bitsa this, bitsa that)...

So, took a brief detour from listening to Neverwhere in the car yesterday - listened to Cabin Pressure instead. Bad move. Very bad move. Good show, but I have this kind of paranoia that I'm laughing so much that I might end up losing control of the car, which could be all kinds of unpleasant...

Woke up this morning, logged onto LJ, and found that a friend (not a very close friend, admittedly, but someone I know and like) is engaged to be married. This makes me all kinds of squeeful and happy. :-)

I know Broadchurch has been the Big Thing lately, but has anyone else been watching The Ice Cream Girls? I only really started watching it because Jodhi May, whom I quite like, is in it, but it's turning into really gripping drama. I won't get into a discussion of the plot (spoilers, sweetie!), but it's on ITV Player - I recommend it. Sadly, we're two episodes in to a three-episode run, so there's not much of it left. But like I say - highly recommended.

Speaking of the telly, there'll be two new sitcoms next Monday - Vicious starring Derek Jacobi and Ian McKellen (as discussed earlier in the week) and The Job Lot, as not discussed earlier in the week starring Russell Tovey. I suspect I'll be checking that out as well, because I like Russell and the trailers make it look more interesting than that BBC3 one he was in (Him and Her?), which never really grabbed me.

The alert and eagle-eyed may have noticed that I've been periodically changing my LJ header and default userpic (and indeed my Facebook header and userpic, although I've not bothered with Twitter...) to reflect the latest Doctor Who - just using the "movie posters" they've released for each episode. The idea was that such updates would be regular. As in, happening each Saturday. However, I only updated to the Hide pic, um, yesterday. So. Disorganised as ever. ^_^ This weekend, I will also, for a little while at least, be having a header/pic combo to reflect the new Iron Man film, which I'll be off to see shortly. However, I can't find any really decent landscape-format posters for that. I may cheat a little. Or indeed a lot. Watch this space.

And finally, as I've completely failed to mention for the past six days, Sarah has been off with her mum for a week's holiday in The Netherlands this week. She seems to have been having a good time, apart from her back going twang yesterday, and she flies back tonight. If I'm awake enough I'm picking her up from the airport tonight, otherwise, they'll be getting a cab back to her mum's and then I'll pick her up tomorrow.

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