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David Brider [userpic]

Jobhunt on Mars

So, with the end in sight for many of us (some of my team met up in Nottingham yesterday for a farewell lunch), it's reached that stage where folks are leaving (I think by this time next month, all bar three of my team will have gone, pending the "expressions of interest in remaining" I mentioned last week) and sending out their farewell emails.

Had to giggle at today's one, whose author said, with reference to heading to the job centre next week:

I'm not looking forward to it - in fact to use a quote from that wonderful series "Life on Mars" I feel as "nervous as a small nun on a penguin shoot".

I think the fact that I don't actually remember that line might make a good excuse for a full series rewatch. That, and the fact that I'd still like to do a Sam Tyler fanvid to Pet Shop Boys' Sexy Northerner...

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