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Doctor Who thoughts...

It does seem as if, regardless of what one thinks of the actual stories (and I'm happy to go on record stating I rather liked them so far, although more would've been nicer), this 50th anniversary year is being marked by a surprisingly high number of cats being let out of the bag way too soon; firstly, DWM gets mailed to subscribers nearly a week early so the BBC announces David Tennant's involvement in the anniversary special earlier than intended; then the season 7 part 2 Blu Ray (with at the time unaired finale) gets shipped to 210 people prematurely; and now the announcement of Matt Smith's departure is forced by a leaked email (and then at least one paper breaks the BBC's midnight press embargo...although given that I suspect the announcement has been made a few months ahead of when they'd've liked to have done it, a couple of hours probably doesn't make much difference...). Not to mention a copy of the script for the Neil Gaiman episode getting mislaid. At this rate, I vaguely expect the whole of the anniversary special to do a Rose and get leaked online ahead of broadcast...

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