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Any Jonathan Creek fans want to help me out here?

I was having a read of some TV Tropes pages and came across this reference to Jonathan Creek on the Worst News Judgment Ever page:

Used as the big clue in a Jonathan Creek episode. Tourists have taken footage of the still living murder victim in the park while someone reads that morning's newspaper. The editor of the local newspaper was in on the plot and produced a copy of the newspaper front page ahead of time to film the victim before she was murdered. They then staged the story in the pre-printed headline. This explained why a big story was bumped to the third page.

I can vaguely remember seeing the episode, but can't for the life of me remember which episode it is (I wonder if it might have been one of the Sheridan Smith episodes). Can anyone out there tell me which episode it is? 'Cos it's obviously not one I've seen recently, and, well, I quite fancy seeing it again!
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