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Thank you, Brigadier. Do you think just for once you could arrive *before* the nick of time..?

Those of you who follow this blog will be aware that I'm being made redundant on Monday.

You will also be aware that there have been vague rumblings that actually, for long and convoluted reasons connected to opportunities to get inebriated in a manufacturer of alcoholic beverages, my colleagues and I might be being kept on after all.

Had an email 22 minutes ago from my boss. "I have been told some good news! HR are extending our notices until end of September. So, no goodbyes, please keep coming to work as usual."

I'm still slightly in a state of hysterical shock about it. As Sarah said, it could have been worse - they might have told me on Monday... (For what it's worth, although some of my colleagues had earlier leaving dates than me, others had later dates. I'm the only one for whom this has pretty much come at the eleventh hour...)

The best bit, though, is the next line of the email:

"The end date of September, also, may not be the end of the "ends", either. It all depends how things pan out."

Erm. So. Yeah. I. Don't. Even.

I have things I need to do today, but my brain has been reduced to a state of mush.

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