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Swanning around.

Sarah and I have come on holiday - quite deliberately, despite the userpic - to Swanage, our usual "get away from it all" destination (although we're kind of hoping for the USA next, either around October or some time next spring).

I have brought my computer with me, and I have achieved Stuff. I am prepared to concede that this is not entirely in keeping with the whole spirit of "going on holiday", but on the other hand it's actually quite therapeutic to achieve stuff - that sense of, "Yes, I've done it!!!" accomplishment - so I'm not complaining. Today has been mostly spent (by me, anyway) chillaxing, although Sarah has done about six miles walking up to the Great Globe and back. Also, as we're in self-catering accommodation we've been stocking up on groceries and I've been bemoaning the fact the last residents have left the cups and plates in a filthy state.

Plans for the rest of the week include, in no particular order, one of several boat trips that are on offer; a trip into Bournemouth to visit the Oceanarium, not forgetting Keith Jones Christian bookshop; a trip on the steam railway to Corfe Castle; a climb up the cliffs to Old Harry Rocks; and on Thursday, Sarah's going into Poole for a Lush Spa.

But also a lot more relaxing.

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