David Brider (davidbrider) wrote,
David Brider

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Every word in this post has been replaced with exactly identical words...

...so is it still the same post?


Reading this article about a cappella pop group The Flying Pickets (famous for their Christmas number one with a cover of Yazoo's Only You...and anyone who thinks they were completely a capella should have a close listen to the song, 'cos there are some bits that seem to have been sampled...although I could be wrong...anyway), I was rather intrigued to learn that the band continues to tour and record, despite featuring none of the original line-up.

That being the case, can the current line-up have any claim to being the same group?

My mind immediately went to this wonderful Trigger moment from Only Fools and Horses (and I was rather delighted to learn that it's a notion that has a history going back to antiquity). Sadly, this is the only copy of the video I could find. But even so...

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