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David Brider [userpic]

Good news/bad news.

July 8th, 2013 (12:31 pm)

First, the good.

Sarah has been given the day for her OU graduation ceremony (but not the grade itself - the OU is such a little tease!) - it's Friday 20th September at the Barbican. Sarah asked if I'd be there. I pointed out that even if (as seems likely) I end up having to take it as unpaid leave, I'd've thought it was obvious that I'd be there, and never thought there'd be any doubt about it. As it's the day after our wedding anniversary (fourth. What's fourth?), some sort of double celebration would seem to be called for. So Sarah suggested the oft-mooted but never actually done trip up in the London Eye. (I may have to suggest that that be followed by a visit to the London Aquarium.)

(As far as the grade itself is concerned, I think we're assuming a 2:1. I won't think any the less of her if she gets anything else, but if she gets a First I will, of course, be insanely jealous, as I only managed a 2:1 myself. As it is, she's already talking about her next degree, which - after a couple of years of rest - will be in astronomy. My wife is such a glutton for punishment..!)

Also, thanks to Sarah, I have a ticket (well, not a physical one yet) for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration. I was hoping for a VIP TARDIS ticket but the internet was not being friendly, so I have a standard one, in the Weeping Angels entry stream, for Saturday 23rd November (well, when else?!). Looking forward to it immensely.

Speaking of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, who else has seen the rather glorious pictures of the TARDIS set from the forthcoming docu-drama An Adventure in Space and Time? They are - and indeed, it is - frankly wonderful. There were also a couple (at least) of pics from a Q&A at the Paris Comic Con. I'll try and dig out the links to them - they had publicity stills from the programme up on the big screen behind the Q&A participants, and...the one of David Bradley as William Hartnell as the Doctor with, erm, person whose name I forget as Carole Ann Ford as Susan, is just utterly beautiful. I'm almost as excited for this as I am for Doctor Who itself and the Celebration.

Bad news:

Didn't remember to take my pills for the last couple of days. Also didn't remember to bring them to work with me today. Should be just about okay if I take them when I get home tonight, but really, don't want to have that "spiralling into depression" thing that normally follows an extended period of not taking them, especially one that's accompanied by a come-down, for instance the aftermath of a holiday. Fortunately, I was pretty good at remembering to take them whilst I was actually on holiday itself. Which is a start...

Also, have forgotten to bring my headphones with me to work. As listening to either a.) music or b.) comedy is my normal escape route from the noise and bustle of my workplace, this could be, erm...interesting. Mind you, coping okay so far.

On the other hand, more good news - the second in the new series of I'm Sorry, I Haven't A Clue tonight. So "Yay!" for that!


Posted by: Heidi (welshgirl15)
Posted at: July 8th, 2013 12:01 pm (UTC)
DW: Eleven {Remember}

That's so great that Sarah's graduation is the same as your anniversary! What degree has she done?

I can't believe she's already planning her next one, I couldn't wait to be done by the time I got to my final exams!

Yay for the DW 50th tickets, I'm insanely jealous!

Glad you're coping so far today, hopefully you can make it through to the end of the day ok :)

Posted by: David Brider (davidbrider)
Posted at: July 8th, 2013 12:32 pm (UTC)

Her degree's in history, particularly classical history. Lots of ancient Greek and Roman stuff. :-)

Yeah, she's been talking about probably doing another one for some time, so it's not a massive surprise - she sort of announced while we were on holiday that she'd made the decision to go with astronomy (it was either that or geology; indeed, geology may still be her third OU degree, if she's still in the mood for that when she reaches the end of astronomy). To be honest, if I thought I could be organised enough, I'd probably do an OU degree or two myself...

I've made a definite decision about the DW 50th. As tickets to meet Matt for either photos or autographs are going to be in limited supply, and as I've already met him (and think he's a great guy), I'm not going to be even trying to get those tickets. There's going to be enough people there who've never met him and who deserve a chance. IMO.

Yes, so far so good. Thanks. :-)

Posted by: curiouswombat (curiouswombat)
Posted at: July 8th, 2013 06:21 pm (UTC)

Hurrah for Sarah! The fourth is celebrated with Fruit and flowers according to the list my mother once copied out of an old book. you get wood next year - how exciting is that?

Posted by: Stacey (geekslave)
Posted at: July 8th, 2013 09:04 pm (UTC)
amy rory face to face

Congratulations to Sarah! Double celebration sounds really great!

That's AWESOME that you have tickets for the DW 50th celebration. Should be an amazing time!

Hope you make it through the day okay!


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