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Big start, with hopefully a big finish at the end...

My Latest Project involves a.) ripping all my Big Finish Doctor Who main range audios to audiobook format and then b.) filling in the gaps in my collection (one has to have some sort of finite cut-off point, and Big Finish have so many Doctor Who ranges that sticking to the main range seems like a good idea...although I already have some titles from the other ranges; just call me a glutton for punishment).

There's been the occasional surprise along the way. Discovering how many I've actually got, for a start (it helps that up until about 2005 I bought pretty much all of the Paul McGann stories, and they form the bulk of my collection). Finding out that one of the Bang-Bang-a-Boom! discs had a crack in it was less cheerful. As was the fun and games involving Project: Lazarus.

I pulled it off the shelf. Here it is:

I opened the box and ripped the first disc without a glitch. Then I went to rip the first disc.

Erm. It had gone. I have literally no idea where. Although I can be a bit disorganised on occasions, my discs normally end up in their correct boxes even if they occasionally spend some time separated from them. I wouldn't've lent this one out to anyone. It should, by everything I can ascertain, have been nicely in its box. But, it wasn't.

Only one thing for it - off to Amazon Marketplace to pick up a nice cheap replacement copy. Which I received, and took out of the jiffy bag, only to discover...

Okay; I'd had a feeling that there were two different covers, but I'd only ever owned the Colin Baker one, not the Sylvester McCoy one. It's kind of nice to now own both, and I'll probably on iTunes use the Colin cover for episodes one and two, and the Sylvester one for episodes three and four.

But, here's the catch...although the Big Finish page for the story, on its Behind the Scenes section, shows both covers, it, and the Wikipedia page for the story which I linked to above, shows the main cover as a hybrid featuring both Baker and McCoy. A Google image search results in all three covers showing up, with the Colin Baker one appearing more frequently from what I can tell, but the hybrid one is definitely there. I'm kind of curious as to whether the hybrid one ever featured on physical releases of the CD, or just online. Anyone know?


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