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And where's my Companion Cube?

Although I'm not a particularly prolific gamer, nor really a very good gamer, I am at least a fairly geeky gamer. It therefore delights me to note that the latest iteration of Angry Birds Seasons (or at least, the latest one I've played; I've done very little Angry Birds-ing lately, and most of what I've done has been Angry Birds Star Wars, so I may have missed one or five) appears to have taken a leaf out of Portal's book with blue and orange connected...well, there's no other word for them, portals, that transport birds, debris and occasionally piggies to the matching portal at the same velocity at which they entered, to cause damage and mayhem on another part of the screen. It really is most entertaining, even if - as with yer actual Portal - I have yet to master the physics involved.

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