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Also next month (or, very nearly: *this* month)...

...and also thanks to m'beloved lady wife, I'm going to Nine Worlds, aka GeekFest, aka a sci-fi/fantasy/general geeky stuff convention taking place "in London" (for which read, in a couple of hotels at Heathrow Airport) on the weekend of August 9th - 11th.

I'm having a bit of a problem with it. The Problem (yes, it deserves a capital letter) is this:

There's so darned much stuff happening!

Even more than at EasterCon or Easter People, the chances are that whatever I decide to do in any given time slot, there will be at least two or three other things that I'll regret missing as much as I enjoy whatever I do go to.

I think, on balance, what I really need is a functioning time machine so I can actually do everything I'd like to that weekend. If anyone can help out on that front, please let me know. Heck, just a time turner would be useful...

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