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They're taking the Asgardians to Jotunheim

Rather surprised, nay gobsmacked would be a better word, to see that a mere eight months after its cinema release, The Hobbit is already available on Netflix. Does it usually happen that quickly? It seems kind of wrong...

Oh well. Loving Netflix. Between that and the Mediaplayer app I downloaded for my iPad mini (which enables viewing of video formats such as mp4, divx, avi, and...well, generally other stuff than m4v), it's great to just lie in bed and watch...well, stuff. After mainlining Orphan Black this week, I finished Never Been Kissed last night (a romcom starring Drew Barrymore! what's not to love about that?), and then today decided on a whim to watch The Usual Suspects (not as great as I'd been led to expect, if I'm honest, but it was okay). Have now found that both Captain America and Thor are on Netflix, which I'm sure they weren't last time I looked for them. They were, if I'm honest, the characters I warmed to least in (The) Avengers (Assemble), so I've not been busting a gut to watch them, but I am looking forward to their sequel outings (Thor because: smashing up Greenwich Naval College looks fun, and Cap because yay! for more Black Widow and Hawkeye), so I figured I may as well catch up with them whilst I can. Watching Thor at the moment and, yeah, enjoying it so far.

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