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Oh, go on - another meme, then I'll have some kind of lunch.

1) do you enjoy reading or is it just something you did because you had to at school? I literally cannot understand the mentality of only reading because you have to. I love reading. I've always got a book on the go - nowadays, thanks to the joys of the Kindle app, more than one...

2) did you enjoy any of the "set books" you were given to read? Yeah, Silas Marner.

3) are there any books that are meant to be "amazing" but that you really didn't like at all? I don't know. Most books I enjoy to some degree or other. Having said that, one of our school set texts, Great Expectations, I didn't get very far in and found it boring. I'd like to give it, and Dickens in general, a second chance.

4) who introduced you to your favourite author? Thing is, I like so many different authors I'm not sure I could say I've got one particular favourite.

5) how long (on average) does it take you to read a book? Far too long. Back when I was getting a bus to work on a daily basis, I'd normally manage about ten pages or so during the journey, but now I'm driving to work, my reading is far more sporadic than I'd like. Can take me weeks, even months, to finish one book. I'm hoping to change that soon, though...

1) how long have you been listening to your favourite band? That would be Pet Shop Boys, and...26 years. Well, more than that. I bought my first PSB album, Disco, the day after they won the best newcomer award at the Brits in 1987. I didn't get properly "into" them for a little while after that, but yeah.

2) do you listen to a variety of music or do you tend to stick to just one or two genres? I tend to like anything as long as it involves a good song with meaningful lyrics sung clearly and played in an appealing musical style. Within that, I like a variety of genres. Although most of my listening tends to be '80s bands...

3) how much would you be willing to pay to see your favourite band/artist in concert? Not sure, but I drew the line at the latest Fleetwood Mac concerts, which...I'd've liked to've gone, but they were really extortionately priced - I can't remember how much, but well over £50.

4) are you embarrassed by any of the bands you listened to when you were younger? Not really. There are probably a few individual records in my collection that aren't exactly cool, but none of them are by groups I was ever serious about.

5) in a relationship, is it important that you both have the same taste in music? No. It can help to have mutual interests, musically and otherwise, but it's not vital.


1) how did you hear about your current or last job? I originally got it as a temp job through Office Angels, then became permanent later.

2) what's the minimum wage in your state/country? do you earn more/less than minimum wage? I actually don't know what the minimum wage is. But I'd be very surprised if I'm not earning rather more than it. ^_^

3) money aside, if you could do ANY job in the world, what would you do? I'd like to be a full time paid author, a computer programmer, a rev (i.e. ordained ministry/clergy), or doing some sort of research-y thing.

4) how much money would you have to win on the lottery to give up work for life? It'd take a lot. I'm not sure any amount would be enough. Although I'd probably spend a month or so chilling, tidying & cleaning the house, and maybe going on a decent holiday, before returning to work.

5) does it bother you when people say they're too good for certain jobs (working in mcdonald's, for example)? It's up to the individual. I have, though, suggested that when/if I finally get made redundant from my current job, I'd happily, for a while at least, take on a job down at the local Tesco. It bothers me that some people have said I'd be too good for that...

1) are there any TV shows that you keep meaning to watch, but haven't yet? I've only just started Stargate SG-1, so that's one ticked off the list. Also, SGA, Farscape, and some that I've started but not made much progress with such as Buffy, Angel, Millennium, and new Battlestar Galactica.

2) do you get emotionally involved in TV shows or do you just watch them as something to do? For me, any TV programme is more than just "something to do," but no, I'm not very emotionally involved - I'm always aware that it's just a TV programme, that it's not real, etc.

3) are you into any reality TV shows? Yeah, right...

4) do you think shows like jerry springer and dr phil exploit people or are they useful in any way? What I've seen of them, I think they're very exploitative - of the viewers as much as of the participants.

5) would you like to appear on tv - either as an actor or in a reality show? I hope he lasts a good long time in the role, but, y'know, when Peter Capaldi stops being the Doctor, I'll happily take over. Now...I just need to get an equity card...

1) are you close to your family? if you're not, do you wish you were? Not as close as I'd like to be - physical distance leads to not seeing them as much as I'd like, although my mum and I occasionally chat by text or over Facebook - but I love my family and get on well with them.

2) do you ever feel like you're the "black sheep" of your family? I've always been a bit "different" in general, and my sister and stepdad never really knew how to take that. My mum's more accepting of it.

3) are there any family members you don't know at all? Yeah, there are some family members who've always only been names on the annual Christmas card list and nothing more. If my mum's reading this, I'll just say, "Jan, Chris, Scott and Lisa."

4) when/if you move out of your parents house, would you be happy to live hours away or would you like to stay nearby? See above. I'm actually not living physically that far from my parents - well, about a 60 minute drive, slightly more - but having a day job, and fairly busy weekends including church commitments, it doesn't often happen that we have the time to go down and see them. OTOH, we see Sarah's family quite regularly, her mum in particular.

5) if you're an only child, do you wish you had siblings? if you have siblings, do you like it? I've got, technically, three half-sisters; one, Antonia, my mum and stepdad's daughter, whom I grew up with, and the other two, my dad and his wife's daughters, who I didn't grow up with. I like them, although I think it would be fair to say that I never really got on well with Antonia while we were growing up together. We probably get on better now we don't see each so much...

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