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David Brider [userpic]

Bad films.

August 31st, 2013 (08:04 am)

Okay, that meme I did yesterday, were one of the questions was about the worst film I'd ever seen, and I couldn't remember any that I'd call "the worst"...

Actually, there was one. All I remember is, I think I saw it around 1995 - 1996, during my first year at university, with my friend Andrea (with whom I did a lot of cinema-going at the time, as I recall). It had a reasonably contemporary, American setting. I had a vague feeling it might be The Brothers McMullen, but...well, the plot description doesn't ring any bells. But that's part of the point. Whatever the film was, I recall that for most of the running time I was noticing how artfully the director had constructed his shots, with loads of geometric shapes taking up the screen, but not engaging in any way with the characters or any of what was going on. I literally could not even begin to tell you what the film was about, if indeed it was about anything.

I might, out of curiosity, dig up my diary for the relevant period and see if that will help out with the name of the film. But really, if all I can remember is lots of pretty shapes and a complete lack of plot, that's got to be a contender for worst film ever...