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Meme time.

So, I've decided to do this:

Seeing as a couple of other fine folks on my Flist are also doing it. I'm kind of hoping it might get me into the habit of blogging more regularly. Well, blogging on LJ. To my shame, I've kind of abandoned LJ for Facebook...I know, I am terrible.

Anyhew, day 1 - Introduction and recent photo.

My name's David, as you can probably tell from my LJ user name. That's David William John Brider, to give me my full name. I was born on 18th December 1969, and my parents had the idea of giving me the same forenames as my father (William John), but to avoid confusion (I assume) they also stuck the "David" in front of that.

I was born in Ilford, and lived the first couple of years of my life in Chadwell Heath. Sadly, my parents split up early in 1971. My mum re-married the following year, and I was brought up by her and her husband. They also had a daughter, Antonia, in 1972.

Many of the other facts I could tell you about myself, I'm going to save for tomorrow's "20 facts about yourself" entry, so the basics...I'm a Christian, currently in membership at the local Methodist Church. I live in Hemel Hempstead, recently voted the ugliest town in the UK (although quite frankly, I'd love to see what it was being compared to, 'cos I quite like it here), and I've been happily married for four years to Sarah.

I absolutely utterly adore Doctor Who. I'm fannish about a lot of things, but Doctor Who is the main one.

On which note, have a recent photo of me:

It's me a few weeks back at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, standing by the TARDIS console that was built for the forthcoming docu-drama about the early days of the programme, An Adventure in Space and Time (or it could be ...Time and Space).

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