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Meme - day four

Oh, I hope I keep up with this - it's actually quite nice getting into the discipline of posting regularly.

What am I frightened of?

Spiders (sorry, mrs_tribble!!!). Snakes. Sharp pointy objects - I can cope with kitchen knives, but broken glass scares me, and scalpels freak me out - possibly something to do with accidentally slicing a bit of a finger off with one many years ago.

I have, as many people know, something of a fear of using telephones. Calling my mum or huntingospray I'm fine with. Calling anyone else gives me a lot of trouble, normally involving a lot of psyching myself up to make the call (at work, it's been known to take me 15 - 30 minutes...thankfully, it's not something I have to do very often...), and a lot of "getting to the last number and then hanging up". I don't think it helped that I did four years in telesales (business to business, but I had the occasional rude and unpleasant person). I remember once, when I was about 22, trying to ring up a young lady whom I fancied with a view to asking her out. Took me ages. So that's probably allied with a wider fear of rejection and a bit of social phobia. Not a massive amount, but I tend to feel out of my depth in social situations, particularly large gatherings - I loosen up eventually, but initially I'll try to hide behind whoever I'm with.

And failure. I'm frightened of failure.

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