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Meme - day five

Hmm. Oh well, I've missed a couple of days.

Ten songs I love right now? I'm a music obsessive, I love loads of songs at any given time, including most of my - fairly extensive - collection! Although songs that are prominent tend to be the ones I've been listening to lately. And lately, I've been listening to a lot of spoken word stuff (specifically, some Big Finish Doctor Who audios), so I don't have a lot of music on my mind right now.

So here, have just 10 songs that I utterly love. With Youtube links.

Pet Shop Boys - Always on my mind. Whenever I'm asked what my favourite song is, I normally say this by default. It has a lovely visceral kick to it - it's obvious that they laboured long and hard about putting everything into it, including the kitchen sink. This version, from the Introspective album, is my favourite mix of it, mainly for that glorious moment at 5:31 where, after the "in my house" middle 8 breakdown bit, the full song comes crashing triumphantly in. What's not to love?

Erasure - A Little Respect. Probably my second favourite song ever, and again, I particularly love this remix.

Queen - These are the days of our lives. Even without the context (coming out as a double A-side to the re-released BoRhap in the wake of Freddie's death), this is a stunningly beautiful song. With the context, it's always guaranteed to bring a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye.

Speaking of Queen, have Love Train by Holly Johnson. I bunged his Blast album on in the car last week, mainly for this song (although there are some other cracking songs on there). This is just marvellous - relentlessly positive and cheerful, lovely energy to it, and just when you think it can't get any better, Brian May turns up playing the guitar solo. Class.

All About Eve - Are you lonely? Another beautifully sad song. I've decided to limit it to one song per band/artist, so this is their song for this list, but it's worth checking out Only one reason, which is also beautiful.

The Church - Under the Milky Way. Bit of a link back to the previous song (AAE and The Church shared a guitarist, Marty Willson-Piper, for a while). This is another of my favourite groups, and this song is gloriously epic. Even if I was rather disappointed to learn recently that the bagpipe solo doesn't actually include real bagpipes. :-(

Speaking of gloriously epic, have The Sisters of Mercy's This Corrosion. Marvellous stuff, and - no disrespect to Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, or anyone else involved - the bit when this comes crashing in with the closing credits is my favourite bit of The World's End...

Martyn Joseph - He never said. Brilliant singer-songwriter, well worth checking out (even if some of his songs depress me, less because of their actual content than because of the memories they evoke...mind you, Have an angel walk with her is a sad song by anyone's measure). And I've always loved this song since I first heard it.

Daft Punk - Get Lucky. Heard this on the radio earlier this year. Assumed it was something from the late '70s, until the DJ announced afterwards that it was the song that was then number 1. Loved it so much that I took a punt and bought the Random Access Memories album when it came out. Haven't regretted it - it's a brilliant album, IMO. I also rather loved the Discovery and Human After All albums, although Homework isn't quite so good, IMO.

Oh sod it, have some Doctor Who. Come on - it's my favourite TV programme of all time ever, it's one of my favourite TV theme tunes of all time ever, and this is my favourite version of the theme tune. This is a remix of Peter Howell's version, and was included on the DVD boxed set A New Beginning a few years ago.


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