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Meme - day six

Just getting this in before I head to bed.

My five senses right now.

Touch: I'm wearing a t-shirt that's rather tight, and feels therefore a lot closer to my chest than my normal, fairly loose, t-shirts do. Which is strange, but not unpleasant. Also, my laptop is weighing down on my left leg, which is in turn crossed over my right leg. Bit of pain there. Ouch!

Sight: Staring at my laptop screen. I have the lounge in the background, and the light's on - rather bright in the upper periphery of my vision.

Sound: Fairly quiet - it's quite late, Sarah's up in bed. There was a dog barking outside just now, and some cars going along the main road outside our house.

Smell: Erm...nothing noticeable. I have a lousy sense of smell, though.

Taste: Have just had a Domino's pizza and a bottle of Fanta. The aftertaste of the latter is, rather pleasantly, still in my mouth.

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